Cloud-based iES
SaaS (Software as a Service) launched!

Rowem, a leading security authentication solution provider, offers a cloud-based quick authentication service, iES.

Fast and secure implementation of quick authentication

Provides reliable authentication using Fintech and fast authentication services based on the cloud.

Cloud-based SaaS built on AWS

Easy to integrate with other APIs built on AWS.

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Check the user authentication history
using iES's quick authentication service

Enables you to easily and quickly check the user's detailed authentication history.

Check all authentication transaction detail

View all of customer’s authentication transaction status, including transaction information for successful/failed authentications, transaction details based on OS and individual services.

Easy authentication logging available

You can view the authentication transaction information for each transaction or OS through the Administrator's page.

Customized enterprise cloud-based quick authentication service

You can view the customer's complete authentication transaction details
as well as the transaction information for successful/failed authentications, different OS, and selected services.

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Quick Authentication Service

iES is a cloud based quick authentication solution that pursue a business environment.
With it’s app structure that can be applied in a wide range of industries, iES can deliver even more diverse and convenient service.

  • Optimized enterprise service delivery

    Ensures top-level reliability and convenience
    with the user authentication solution

  • Select from a range of plans

    Use the service as much as
    you need and want at any time

  • Easy to scale

    Creates a highly available and scalable
    web-based environment for all types of businesses

SaaS Service Flow Diagram

  1. 1Authentication request (1)
  2. 2Authentication request (2)
  3. 3Send the decryption key (Push notification)
  4. 4Replacement table connection code decryption & password input
  5. 5Replacement table connection code & input values
  6. 6Password replacement
  7. 7Authentication check

iES Deployment Types

iES offers customized services
in On Premise Deployment and SaaS types.

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On Premise Deployment
The server and software are purchased,
installed, and managed by the business
The service is provided in the cloud
and used online

iES Customers

Get started quickly and easily with
iES’s cloud-based quick authentication service!

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